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Finding for music from PvZ 2 (success!)

Hi! I'm Eduard Yesayan , and I computer musician and composer. My life is purely consists of music (but not fully, I also like other hobbies), so I very interested in music from no less interesting game "Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time!".

I wanted to find cool music from PvZ 2 world "Wild West". Very interesting music in this world is alternative music from second wave of regular levels. (e.g. from Day 7 Wave 2) First I looking for this music in this wiki, in page "Music", but this music wasn't there. Then I looking in YouTube, but there's no right music too. So I had to record music from Day 7 independently. Below you may see and listen my record. It seems that made not bad.

Plants vs03:51

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Music - Wild West (wave 2, alternative)

Thanks for reading, listening and opening this first blog post :)

P.S. Music recorded by SnagIt. I'm sorry that the music sometimes lags behind.

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