Its me eatfish 17 I joined this wiki about a year ago. Keeping a blog can also mean I can remind myself of stuff from now on. Like how many brains Ive eaten, 1...2...5...17?  Ok so this is pointless but also a good place to update my status. Doctor zomboss says my talent to blow up plants and survive is smart he says zombies like me who blow up or stuff dont risk thier lives. I tried to warn my cousin bob the jester he made a cruel joke about it. :^[  So I warned my Friend conehead zombie he handed me a cone and said I have to stop being supersticous he regret that.

Brainz day: today I start my first blog post the date 12/3/2014 7:08 p.m. Chino Arizona u.s.a.

So my dad, Mom, and younger brothers and sisters have finished decorating for christmas. we live in a lurxious

Estate in Higlands ranch. I will have finished my day at my school Heritage middle school I am in advanced writing,reading and math. It honestly is hard some times but I manage right now Im blogging and my family is in the lounge watching A Christmas Carol. I am friends with Many other kids in my grade and [not to brag] very humerous I love to spend my time on this wiki. It's a really neat place especially when I get to get away from my normal chaotic life to be myself and have my glourious freedom of speech. 


I'm that one conehead that betrayed Dr. Zomboss and the other coneheads that look just like me.

Brainz Day 2: Ok so Maybe it's been such a long time ever since the last time I blogged but I'm back today is MLK day and I'm at home enjoying the ice age update not much is really going on so I guess I'll return later.