Plants vs. Zombies Wiki


Creating the Stone Age with nobody!

Hi everyone! Me and..... well, me, are creating the Stone Age!

Day 1: Coins

Day 2: Coins

Day 3: Angel Bean

Day 4: Coins

Day 5: Coins

Day 6: Goop-shroom

Day 7: Note

Day 8: World Key


Angel Bean: Makes all plants go twice as fast for 10 seconds.

Goop-shroom: Shoots goop at zombies, slowing them down twice as much.

Plantern: Lights up the whole board, doing massive heat damage to zombies, and disappears. It may kill some plants.


CaveMan Zombie: Regular underpantless zombie.

Conehead CaveMan: His Tiger-skin cone makes him twice as tough as normal cavemen.

Buckethead CaveMan: His Dino-scale bucket greatly protects him from damage.


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