It's a comic of comic-ness! It's a mash-up of Ducktales, Super Mario, and Plants vs. Zombies!

The Extra Dimensional Travels of Scrooge McDuck, Crazy Dave, and Super Mario! Comic #1: A New Hop

It starts in the Ducktales dimension. Scrooge is cheerfully swimming in his money, singing a song about how much he loves it. When suddenly...

(CRASH!)Oh no! The Beagle Boys broke into his Money Bin! And they got past the security system! (BigTime Beagle and Burger Beagle appear)

Scrooge: Gah! The Beagle Boys!

BigTime Beagle: Yeah, Scrooge. The Beagle Boys are here again, and we're takin' all your cash for keeps!(Burger Beagle reveals a vaccum with a large tank)

Burger Beagle: Yeah, yep! We're taking it with this big vaccum! It was in Ma's closet.

Scrooge: Oh no you don't! (But it's too late! It sucks up the cash to a level where Scrooge can't climb out)

Scrooge: Curse me kilts! I can't get out!

BigTime Beagle: Ha, ha! Next time, get a longer ladder, Scroogy. Bye-bye! (BigTime and Burger leave with the vaccum)

Scrooge: Gah! I need some real hope now...

(Meanwhile, in the Super Mario dimension...)

Super Mario is collecting coins, stomping Goombas, and eating pasta. All at the same time.

Super Mario: Wow-a! This is a lot harder that I-a thought.

Super Luigi: Then, you should've never bet me 100 coins to-a do it!

(A Toad runs at Mario, and he looks panicked)

Toad: Guys! Wow! We need help! The princess has been captured again!

Super Mario: Oh-a no! We got to save her!

Super Luigi! Ya! Lets-a go!

(Mario and Luigi run off, but the Toad pulls off a mask. He is really a Goomba)

Goomba: Yeah, "Lets-a go", heh, into Bowser's trap! >:D

(Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were at Bowser Castle)

Super Mario: Alright, lets-a go!

Super Luigi: Yah! But, uh, you go-a first...

(Mario runs inside, but it's really a cage! The doors slam shut. Mario is trapped)

Super Mario: Oh no! No!

(A dark shadow appears. It's Bowser)

Bowser: Mwa-ha-ha-ha! I have you now, Mario!

Super Luigi: Uh oh, that doesn't-a sound to good...

(Now in the Plants vs. Zombies dismension...)

Crazy Dave is watering plants, when suddenly, the zombies approach!

Crazy Dave: Wabbo Wee-oh!

(Then, Dr. Zomboss appears! But not to eat his brains...)

Dr. Zomboss: Greetings, Pothead Punk.

Crazy Dave: Wuggo WUG!

Dr. Zomboss: Yes, Dave. Today is the day. The day you...DISAPPEAR!

(Dr. Zomboss opens a portal to the Mario dimension)

Dr. Zomboss: I'm sending you to this random dimension!

(Crazy Dave is sucked in, to the Mario dimension, right next to the cage that holds Mario)

Super Mario: Wow-a, a guy with a frying pan on his-a head!

Crazy Dave: Weebo! Mario! Wompers!

(Crazy Dave unlocks the cage, but suddenly, the portal to the Ducktales dimension appears)

Super Mario: Thanks! But, hmm, if you helped me, and that-a portal appeared...let's help whoever is-a in there!

Crazy Dave: Saffa!

(They jump in, and get to the top of the money bin)

Scrooge: Bless me bagpipes! Some help!

(Mario throws down a rope, and Scrooge climbs up. Then, a new portal appears, with a strange color)

Crazy Dave: Heebo! Fluggo!

Super Mario: Yeah! Let's-a go!

All three hop in the portal, but Bigtime busts into the money bin again to check on what happened...)