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The Peachy Advenchures of EMPeachy4 and his peachy friends in a peachy universe - Peachy Sign Up

EMPeachy4 October 10, 2014 User blog:EMPeachy4

Ok, so this is a Fanfic that I'll be writing on Tails' wiki if people want to sign up. The idea is that the wiki is a cyber world, and spammers and vandals are trying to take it over.

EMPeachy4's Peachy Team will consist of six members (Including me) that will go up into Spam Space to destroy the Ultimate Spamdal's fleet of SpamShips and rid the wiki of all vandalism!

One of the perks of this Fanfic is that you can turn into a plant. The rules of choosing them are

  • If one person chooses one plant, you can't choose the same one for yourself.
  • It must be one offense, defense and support plant. (Like Peashooter, Wall-nut, Sunflower)


The Good Guys

  • EMPeachy4 (E.M.Peach/Snow Pea/Sun-shroom)
  • RandomzSunfish23901(Infi-nut/Homing Thistle/*Disputable*)
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-

The Vandals

  • The Ultimate Spamdal (???/???/???)
  • The Nasty One (???/???/???)
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-
  • -Available Slot-

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