Chapter 1: Beginning of the End

Reapeageddon is trying to defend his underground base and a nearby town from a huge horde of Steel Vandals when a Fume-shroom reports to him of Las Veggies' destruction and Poopspyro7's death during the incident. At that moment EMPeachy4 arrives requesting ammo for him and his crew, who saw a bunch of vandals approaching from the southwest. Reap agrees and EMPeachy4 stays to defend for a while. Reap begins to worry about his backup and right then, Brainulator9, Wilucas and VGKing1 arrive and attack the horde from behind. Even though there are five users defending the base, a much larger group of Vandals overpower them. EMPeachy4 escapes back to the southwest and the other four teleport to the gates below. NP is waiting at the gates and tells them that something is wrong. They go through to see Lolwutburger, CitronOrange and Uselessguy standing by in the main room. Wilucas checks the screen in the middle of the room to confirm everyone's worst case scenario: two more users had died. Ariq1144 and ADVENT-UR-TRON were killed while trying to defend the LAZOR Alamo from Steel Spammers, but failed during a bombing raid. Brainulator9 asked whether HeavenlyMildCone had died with them since he was in the LAZOR Alamo too. Wilucas then goes on to confirm that HMC fled to the abandoned city of Gag, in the east of the country. They were then unable to trace him.