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  • I live in Londinium
  • I was born on August 22
  • My occupation is Bum
  • I am Mail
  • EMPeachy4

    Many of you might be wondering, where has your boy EMPeachy been this last year?? For someone who's been here since 2014, which is literally eternity, that's quite a long time. So let's unveil the mysteries behind these past twelve months....

    So that's where I went... *shudders* A place where a boy of 14-15 years is considered one of the older people of the community. So there I was, discovering two shows called Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity, watched the heck out of them, and then entered into a gameshow created by one of the guys who animated BFDI, called Ten Words of Wisdom (Under the Youtube name "Jennings AsYetUntitled"). And then? I came 22nd out of 491 entrants! So yay, I became a minor celebrity. 

    After that, I became…

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  • EMPeachy4

    Title says it all really. Hi to all people who are new and old! I am back from my 4-month trip to the object show community and here to stay! (Most likely) How much have things changed around here? I'd really like to know!

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  • EMPeachy4

    PvZ Wiki RPG

    April 16, 2016 by EMPeachy4


    This is a project I just thought up in the chat. It is an RPG about... guess what? This very place! You play as a new user, doing tasks for the wiki, advancing up the ranks and maybe running into a spammer or two! Who knows? A few of you may see yourselves in the game, maybe even playable!

    We'll have more info as it comes.

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  • EMPeachy4

    Today, I finally got my platinum badge after a year and a half of strife! I may take a short hiatus now though.

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  • EMPeachy4

    Rate me!!!!!!!11111

    July 25, 2015 by EMPeachy4

    Please rate me in the comments, I want to know how I can improve myself.

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