Here are my ideas for Zombotany mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Basically it's a bit like Vasebreaker with its own challenge packs. If you have any question about these ideas, you can leave it in the comments. (I'm not putting these in pvzcc wiki because these are just ideas)

Ideas for Zombotany Zombies

Since there would be at least 24 levels (3 for each pack), almost all plants would have their Zombotany version. Most of which would act like how their plant counterparts act. Here are the exceptions:

Plants without Zombotany version:

  • Grave Buster
  • Spring Bean
  • Spikeweed
  • Spikerock
  • Blover
  • E.M.Peach
  • Magnifying Grass
  • Tile Turnip
  • Sun Bean
  • Lily Pad
  • Hot Potato
  • Marigold

Plants whose Zombotany versions act different:

  • Sunflower Zombie, Sun-shroom Zombie, Twin Sunflower Zombie: Sometimes drop fake suns (which look almost like their real counterparts) that subtracts the player's total amount of sun by 25, 50 or 75 depends on the fake sun's size. Sun-shroom Zombie also grows faster.
  • Power Lily Zombie: Drops a fake Plant Food (acts like fake suns) when defeated. Will cause confusion if this zombie carries Plant Food.
  • Potato Mine Imp: Can only be summoned during ambush attacks. Explode on contact with other plants and does not move. Looks like Imp.
  • Coconut Cannon Zombie, Banana Launcher Zombie: May fire coconut/banana at any time.
  • Tangle Kelp Zombie: Submerge like Snorkel Zombie and pull plants underwater (only when this zombie is in the water as well). Looks like Snorkel Zombie.
  • Chilli Bean Zombie: Stun the entire lane for 3 seconds when defeated.
  • Magnet-shroom Zombie: Occasionally creates a helmet (90% chance to create a bucket, 10% chance to create a knight helm)
  • Chard Guard Zombie: Flings away the first 3 plants it meets. 
  • Hurrikale Zombie: After a while this zombie pushes the entire lane it's in back 3 squares, killing the last 3 plants and chill the rest.
  • Hypno-shroom Zombie: Transforms plants into zombified-plants which acts like stationary Zombotany Zombies. Does not work on plants listed above. Looks like Wizard Zombie.
  • Pea Pod Zombie: Grows another head every 8 seconds.
  • Torchwood Zombie: Acts like Explorer Zombie but slower and cannot be extinguished. Peas passing through Torchwood won't be affected.
  • Imitater Zombie: Transforms into any plant it meets except the plants listed above.
  • Sweet Potato Zombie: Attracts and absorbs any projectiles on lawn.


- Chilling effect caused by Snow Pea Zombie, Winter Melon Zombie and Hurrikale Zombie slows down all plants but heat-emitting-ones. The same goes to Iceberg Lettuce. However, sap thrown by Sap-fling Zombie and butter thrown by Kernel-pult Zombie affect all plants.

- All Zombotany versions of single-use plants will be defeated once they used their ability (like Squash Zombie)

- Zombotany versions of lobbed-shot plants and Homing Thistle ignore defensive plants (except Pea-nut)


Example: Level 0 (2): Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Gargantuar means this level has 2 waves, the boss of wave 1 is Conehead Zombie, the boss of wave 2 is Gargantuar (Boss: Only appears at the start of the wave. Will appear at the next wave)


  • Level 1 (1): Peashooter Zombie (PZ), Wall-nut Zombie (WZ)
  • Level 2 (1): PZ, WZ, Torchwood Zombie (TwZ)
  • Level 3 (2): PZ, Sunflower Zombie (SZ), WZ, Boosted WZ

Egyptian Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): PZ, Cabbage-pult Zombie (CpZ), Bloomerang Zombie (BZ)
  • Level 2 (2): PZ, CpZ, Bonk Choy Zombie (BCZ), WZ, Power Lily Zombie
  • Level 3 (2): CpZ, Twin Sunflower Zombie, Iceberg Lettuce Zombie (ILZ), WZ, Repeater Zombie (RZ)

Pirate Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): PZ, Kernel-pult Zombie (KZ), Snapdragon Zombie (SdZ)
  • Level 2 (2): PZ, RZ, Threepeater Zombie, Snow Pea Zombie
  • Level 3 (3): PZ, KZ, Cherry Bomb Zombie, ILZ, WZ, Coconut Cannon Zombie, Jalapeno Zombie

Western Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): PZ, Split Pea Zombie (SpZ), Squash Zombie
  • Level 2 (2): SpZ, Lightning Reed Zombie (LRZ), Chilli Bean Zombie, Pea Pod Zombie (PPZ), Tall-nut Zombie (TZ)
  • Level 3 (3): CpZ, Melon-pult Zombie, KZ, Winter Melon Zombie, Sapfling Zombie

Future Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): PZ, Infi-nut Zombie (IZ), Laser Bean Zombie
  • Level 2 (2): PZ, Starfruit Zombie, BCZ, IZ, Citron Zombie (CZ)
  • Level 3 (2): SZ, IZ, Imitater Zombie, ILZ, CZ, Chomper Zombie

Medieval Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): Sun-shroom Zombie (SsZ), Puff-shroom Zombie (PsZ), Fume-shroom Zombie (FsZ)
  • Level 2 (1): PsZ, SsZ, FsZ, Magnet-shroom Zombie (MsZ)
  • Level 3 (3): CpZ, Pea-nut Zombie, PsZ, Ghost Pepper Zombie, MsZ, Hypno-shroom Zombie

Summer Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): PZ, LRZ, Tangle Kelp Zombie (TKZ)
  • Level 2 (2): SZ, KZ, Homing Thistle Zombie, Guacodile Zombie, Bowling Bulb Zombie
  • Level 3 (4): PsZ, IZ, Dandelion Zombie, FsZ, Boosted TZ, Banana Launcher Zombie, TKZ, Sweet Potato Zombie

Frozen Challenge Pack

  • Level 1 (1): Stunion Zombie (StZ), SdZ, Hurrikale Zombie
  • Level 2 (2): Rotobaga Zombie (RtZ), BZ, Pepper-pult Zombie, PPZ, Chard Guard Zombie
  • Level 3 (3): StZ, RtZ, Fire Peashooter Zombie, Boosted IZ, TwZ, Lava Guava Zombie

So, what do you guys think?