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What's your PvZ patch changes?

If you got a chance to modify the game code and make some patches, what would it be?

Mine is this.

Patch 1.1.0 "Devastating Patch"

  • Fixed Winter Melon LawnStrings.txt (or something typo-related). Now it is "Plant a Melon-pult first!"
  • Removed plants: Chomper, Marigold, Gold Magnet, Starfruit, Split Pea
  • Removed Zombies: Bungee Zombie, Football Zombie, Jalapeno Zombie, Jack-in-the-box Zombie, Squash Zombie, Dancing Zombie (No more disco! Linkin Park rocks!), Gatling Pea Zombie.
  • Added Zombies: Goblin Zombie, Elf Zombie
  • Removed Areas: Pool, Fog
  • Added Areas: Inside House, Night Roof
  • Added plants: Lightning Reed, Iceberg Lettuce, Power Lily, Pea Pod, Icehammer, Flameshooter, Chainsaw Plant
  • Removed Achievements: Mustache Mode, Popcorn Party, Immortal
  • Added Achievements: Cobbing Party
  • New Features:
    • Poison Zombies Ability (An ability that can make zombies poisoned, decreasing their health by 0.5 every second. Lasts for 7.5 seconds. Sun Cost: 950)
    • Instakill Zombies Ability (Kills all zombies on the screen, including Gargantuar. Single use. Sun Cost: 1500)
    • Shrink Zombies Ability (Shrinks all zombies like in B.T.L.Z. Making them 3.5x weaker. Zombonis, Catapult Zombies and Gargantuar attacks only deals 1 normal damage. Sun Cost: 1100)
    • Maggot Attack Ability (A wave of maggots drop from the sky, eating those rotting zombies. Lasts for 10 seconds. Sun Cost: 1750)
    • Quick Play for PC (Finally, re-added)
    • Font Customizer (Allows to you change in-game fonts, but you must buy from CD's Twinky-winkies)
  • New Shop Items:
    • De-No (Mutes that no! sound if you lose, lasts for 15 levels, Cost: 150)
    • Red Blood (Makes the sentence "THE ZOMBIES ATE YER BRAINZ!" color red like blood. Lasts for 15 levels. Cost: 100
    • Font Customizer (Unlocks the Font Customizer. Cost: 3000)
    • Extra Sun (You start with 100 sun instead of 50. Cost: 5000)
    • The Yeti Project (The chance of Zombie Yeti to appear is increased by 30%. Cost: 40,000)
    • Where's the Zombie? (The chance of tough zombies (Zomboni, CZ, Garg, T-nZ, W-nZ, BZ, etc, excluding Yeti Zombies) to appear is reduced by 50%. Cost: 75,000)
    • Plant Food (Like in PvZ2, but you must buy instead of collecting it from zombies, Cost: 20,000)
    • Chainsaw Plant (Cuts zombies in a half. Sun Cost: 700. Money Cost (to buy): 25,000)

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