Want to download Plants vs. Zombies Original Soundtrack for free? Here is the trick.

1. Download IDM (Internet Download Manager) for free here . If you already have it, use it. If you want the cracked version, just search on Google "idm cracked"

2. Follow the instructions to install it.

3. If done, then go to the soundtrack link you want to download.

4. Click the play button to play the soundtrack

5. There will be a 'Download audio from this site' button. Click it!

6. Click 'Start Download' and the download will start.

7. Repeat step 3-6 until you download all soundtrack.

8. Enjoy!


Use this trick to download all soundtrack!

Using the trial version of IDM have a 9-days time trial. If exceed that length, it'll no longer open. So remember to uninstall it after done downloading all soundtrack.

If you already have the purchased/cracked version, don't uninstall it!