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Some research on Tile Turnip

NOTE: There are some REAL screenshots down below. You should check those out!

OK so I have some research here on Tile Turnip that I've done.

When you hack the game to get unlimited suns via Game Killer, you obviously can get more than eight Tile Turnips. But, if you plant 25 Tile Turnips, you'll get a Tile Turnip seed packet with the cost of negative! Its cost is -100663296, and it doesn't decrease your sun. The reason why this happens is because the game exceeds the max value of 32-bit signed integer (2^31-1 or 2147483647), called integer overflow. The actual sun cost for the 25th tile turnip is 4194304000, but since it exceeds the max value of 32-bit signed integer, it goes to negative.

We can count it by using this:


This also happens to Tree of Wisdom; the max height amount the Tree of Wisdom is 2147483647. When you give another tree food when it reaches that height, it "grows" to its minimum negative height, which is -2147483648.

Below is a brief info of the 1st to 25th Tile Turnips sun cost.

1st to 25th Tile Turnips sun cost

Times planted Sun cost
1 250
2 500
3 1000
4 2000
5 4000
6 8000
7 16000
8 32000
9 64000
10 128000
11 256000
12 512000
13 1024000
14 2048000
15 4096000
16 8192000
17 16384000
18 32768000
19 65536000
20 131072000
21 262144000
22 524288000
23 1048576000
24 2097152000
25 -100663296 (4194304000)


More info coming soon!

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