Well, if someone got the soft release, can you please give it to me (and us)? I'm LITERALLY curious about this new lost city thingy. MAKE SURE IT'S THE ANDROID VERSION CUZ I ONLY HAVE AN ANDROID DEVICE!!!!11ONE

How to upload it

Via Dropbox (preferred)

  • Get a new account here: (click the "create an account") and follow the steps
  • Download the program here: (Windows)
  • Wait for it to install.
  • After installed, log in using your account, then go to Explorer, then click on the "Dropbox" on the left pane. Put the APK and the OBB there.

If I can, I'll make video walkthrus too on my Youtube channel, TheYetiProjectDTSS. (I hadn't make any videos about PvZ since 2 yrs ago).