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Soft release of PvZ2 Lost City Update?

Well, if someone got the soft release, can you please give it to me (and us)? I'm LITERALLY curious about this new lost city thingy. MAKE SURE IT'S THE ANDROID VERSION CUZ I ONLY HAVE AN ANDROID DEVICE!!!!11ONE

How to upload it

Via Dropbox (preferred)

  • Get a new account here: (click the "create an account") and follow the steps
  • Download the program here: (Windows)
  • Wait for it to install.
  • After installed, log in using your account, then go to Explorer, then click on the "Dropbox" on the left pane. Put the APK and the OBB there.

If I can, I'll make video walkthrus too on my Youtube channel, TheYetiProjectDTSS. (I hadn't make any videos about PvZ since 2 yrs ago).