GOSH, because of I got Skeletrox-ism syndrome I renamed my second accont to Skeletrox!

Pls dont block it cuz I often forget my password and I need it if I forget my password!

My first account (this, Drek'Thar blah blah blah) password is really complicated (to keep my account safe from hackers) and I often forgot it (Duh!), but then a few weeks later I eventually remember it!

It happens about 10 times to me (duh duh duh!) and it's pretty crazy (this happens before I created that account).

The original name is The fearful prisoner and It's toooooo boring name and drives me mad. It's actually created becuz my account for some reason blocked for about 30 minutes by VSTF that it said that the IP I am using is used by spammers. See the "since join this wiki" on that account for details.