Here are some QR codes I made. I even put in QR codes with images!

QR code with my name. (To proof it, scan it)


QR Code with a Doge!

Scan them to get secrets!

Note: These Visual QR Codes are edited to have pictures with Paint.NET (there's some website that offers visual QR's but needs to pay $$$ just to make visual QRs).

Note 2: These Visual QR Codes are tested with my QR Scanner on my Sony Xperia L smartphone and they are all detected

Note 3: If you want your avatar to be QR Coded, comment on the bottom!

Note 4: There's only 1 QR code that has the standard black color (above)

All the other QRs uses pictures.
A plant Visual QR code

A plant QR code with his avatar!


Wintermelon43 QR code with his avatar!