This is my own challenge for PvZ. Share your own too! (Note: Challenges with achievement names means that it has its own picture. I'll create it later).w

If you can, please include a picture proof to your comment about finishing those challenges so I can know you don't lie.


  1. Get a streak of 20 in I, Zombie endless
  2. Get a streak of 20 in Vasebreaker endless.
  3. Earn 4 achievements at once (This can be easily done by combining 2 other achievements with "mustache" code and earning the achievement "SPUDOW!". If you already earn all or some of them, then create new profile.)
  4. Win Dr. Zomboss's Revenge without planting any kernel-pults
  5. Defeat a Gargantuar with only a Repeater and a Torchwood (Hint: Use Spikerocks to halt him from moving)
  6. Get 9990 sun in Big Time
  7. Get 9990 sun in Sunny Day
  8. Get to 10000 feet tall in Tree of Wisdom.
  9. Complete 100 flags in Survival:Endless.
  10. Defeat ZomBotany 2 without any defensive plants (Hint: Use Flower Pots and Scaredy-shrooms to protect your plant. Garlics will survive longer than other non-defensive plants because it'll survive 23 shots, but others can only survive 16 shots)

11. The Cobbing Master: Plant 10 cob cannons.

CobbingMaster achievement2 The Cobbing Master: Plant 10 cob cannons in a level.

12. The Yeti Project: Defeat 10 Yeti Zombies.

200px-YetiProject ss3 The Yeti Project: Defeat 10 Yeti Zombies (number of Yeti Zombie killed/10)

13. N.U.T.Z!: Plant 40 Wall-nuts in a single level (Hint: Play Last Stand)

Nutz! N.U.T.Z!: Plant 40 Wall-nuts in a single level.

14. Pump it up!: Plant 40 Pumpkins in a level (Hint: Play Last Stand).

15. Perfect Cobbing: Win Last Stand using only Cob Cannons and defensive plants (Recommended to use my cobbing strategy to win this)

16. Smash Zombies Face!: Let Melon-pult or Winter Melon smash zombies face 1 time (HINT: If there's a zombie, let him, then plant a melon-pult or winter melon 1 square behind them)