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Welcome to MFQPG (My Fantastic Quote Project Game)! I am now following Bdejean's, Milesprower2's and Lilgrei's quote game.


  1. Googling and any searching method is NOT allowed
  2. The quote I take is from books, TV shows, Yeti Projects (YTPs), movies, games and this wiki's chat (when I on chat)
  3. No penalty for every wrong answers.
  4. The difficulty for wiki's chat quote is extremely hard unless you are on chat and still remember it.

Let's get started!

  1. Sorry man, this gonna hurt!
  2. Yum cha showdown, fun for you and me!
  3. Oi! Spam!
  4. Boring alert! boring alert!
  5. What's the code name? SAY WHAT AGAIN! What what what what?
  6. (I dont remember this so this quote may be wrong) Wait, the river movement on Kern river is backwards.
  7. See you on Cameroon.
  8. That ain't cool, ya know
  9. Uke = the "another dude" mentioned above
  10. Then there is but one layer left to peel

More TBA!

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