I can't chat too much :( This is the reason

1. The chat page sometimes won't load

It just freezes with blank chat page. This happens sometimes when I clicked on 'Go on the lawn / Join the chat' button. However, this bug doesn't seem to happens if I type it manually on address bar.

2. Connection problems

Since I don't have broadband connection (I use wireless modem), I often gets disconnected from chat (my connection is weak). This gets weirder if I go inside (my house).

3. Google Chrome makes the chat freezes.

Because Google Chrome takes too much memory (at least 30 MB! Sometimes 128 MB!) It sometimes freezes the chat for no reason. It pops up a message 'Page unresponsive' and sometimes it totally freezes so I must refresh the page.

I  hope you understand why I often gets disconnected on chat with this.