I'm gonna fix the remaining articles that still use "it" as the zombie's subject pronoun. If you're asking why, it's for consistencies with articles that already got "he" or "she" as the subject pronoun. We don't want to have "he" and "she" on one zombie's article, but "it" at some other articles. It's inconsistent, and makes this wiki messier.

DO NOT REVERT ANY OF THOSE EDITS. It's for this wiki's consistencies. Also, there was a vote about this (to remove the gender-neutrality for zombies) on a thread, and people supports it.

Some articles already got the subject pronouns changed, but some of them are still unchanged. So, I decided to take my time to fix them.

Also, you can fix them if you found one. It's a "collaborative project".


  • It --> He/she
  • It's --> He's/she's
  • Its --> His/her
  • Itself --> Himself/herself


There are some exceptions too.

  • Animal zombies. Animals aren't humanoid, and "it" is used for formal writings.
  • Robotic zombies. Robots are things; They don't come from mutation of dead people, and "it" works here.