Every easy questions answered you get 1 pt, normal 2 pts, hard 3 pts. If your answer is half-correct, the point will be divided by 2 and the question will keep opens until it has been correctly answered.

Oh yeah I'll close this blog post if it reaches 500 comments. 300 comments no more Hard questions, 400 comments no more Normal questions. I will keep updating this every weekend. If no comment replies anymore I will keep this until someone (not user) replies this.

I'm a bit confused for deciding the correct answer so I may make your answer wrong. If that happens then please comment it. Also the leaderboard and answered, if it wrong please comment so I can fix it.

Note: You can only answer 1 time every wikia days (UTC) because i'm tired of get back to this quiz again and again


  1. What's the superlative form of the word 'little'?
  2.                                                         'big'?
  3. Spelling error's other name is...


  1. What tense "I will" uses? Present or past?
  2. Fix this wordiness! "She explained the rules over and ovr again."


1. Guess what's this grammar error name:​

​"If the words are an incomplete thought, consider developing this thought into a complete sentence by adding a subject or a verb or combining that text with another sentence."

2. Define what is passive voice means!

3. Guess what's this grammar error name.

"You may be using more words than you need to express your idea. Consider replacing that word or words with a more concise alternative."

Leaderboard (accumulated from all previous questions and old PvZ Quiz)

Minh 65 points

MVZMW 21 points

Moon Snail 16 points

Miles 10 points

Someone456 9 points

MQ 11 points

TMA 6 points

KF and PMan1 point