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Bye all :(

Since I am too lazy to edit pages and the  PvZ2 for pc still not released and i still not get admin (IKR my edits are lesser than 500) I will say goodbye to you all T_T I am just a loser over here... A plant got admin, Starfruity too but me? Nothing. I'm a serious LIAR AND LOSER :( :( :( NO I DONT HAVE WOW I DONT HAVE THAT COOL PS VITA I DONT HAVE THAT XBOX 360 I DONT HAVE THAT!!! ALL I HAVE IS JUST ANDROID AND MY PC!!! I ONLY HAVE THAT TO PLAY PVZ!!!

Once again I apologize for becoming a liar and this maybe the last blog post I wrote for this time... See ya later. I'll be back when PvZ2 for PC Released... :'( T_T

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