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Any good PvZ-related usernames?

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Well there's a new online game here (Indonesian) that was released a few hours ago, and I need some cool username related to PvZ.

I've tried to do it on chat but ppl seems to ignore it. I've also made some awesome names below, but I need some more (well in case if my account got blocked)

Any good suggestions?


  • Must be PvZ-related, obviously.
  • Name must be 5-16 characters long, due to in-game limit.
  • GW-related names are better, though any PvZ names are OK.
  • Zombie names are better, though it's OK to use plant names.

Names I've used

  • PlantsvsZombies (since this game was released a few hrs ago, I was lucky enough to get this one!)
  • PlantsvsZombies2 (Ditto)
  • ADVENTUREUPDATE (Adventurtron's Minecraft account)

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