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aka xeon

  • I live in a motherboard's socket
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is a cpu
  • I am a server/workstation/desktop/gaming cpu
  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So it appears that someone proposed for demotion and it succeeded. I don't mind too much about that considering the fact that I already unprotected my userpage so requests are unnecessary.

    I self-demoted instead of waiting for a crat to demote me.

    Now, you may notice my activity has been dropping significantly. This is because I apparently lost interest on the wiki, since there are no requests I can fulfill anymore back then there were TONS of chat tag requests, but Discord is just cutting through the amounts of users on the lawn, and this affected the amount of requests I got.

    Not sure if I want to do some mainspace job again, because doing spelling/grammar/pronoun corrections sometimes can be a massive pain in the butt. I think forum stuff …

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Today's my birthday! (for those who lives in area whose date is Feb 23)

    I'm 16 now :D

    Let's see how many birthday messages I get 

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    OK I'm glad Discord thingy is unofficial as this might actually get me demoted on the real wiki if I behaved like the way I was on Discord. I'm mostly done with this stuff, but something just makes me can't resist the urge to go back to it.

    I can't believe how terrible the Discord could be. I got total butthurt just because of it (to the point where Protan bans me -_-)

    Its absolutely TERRIBLE. Discord really "discords" the whole community. Why?

    First, some people can't just stand the amount of emojis I use (not to the point of truckloads really), despite not hitting the 20 characters/emoji limit. Can't they just shrug it off really? Is it really that hard to not see it?

    Second, the roles can be easily put and removed by anyone, WITHOUT DISCORD…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Well its nothing too special but hey, it's something from 2012.

    I actually put this back in 2012 (see the file history there), but for the pics to show up it has to be put here too.

    File details

    Oh yeah, apparently this came true 4 years later... teehee!

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    OK so I feel like I'm now a little bit weird. I mean, my behavior has been weird, and somewhat a bit more harsh lately and this mostly happens on Discord. Like, partially fulfilling Snappy's request and sometimes just messed around with the commands too much.

    My on-wiki activity has  been reduced quite drastically lately too, so I feel like I'm going down on this wiki. I just hope I don't get demoted for this and I apologize if anyone gets offended lately.

    I was actually planning for some rules overhaul but I didn't manage to get a good result. The concept was just too messy.

    I also dont feel like editing mainspace cuz pronoun changes from "he/she" to "it" to refer a zombie just sounds weird-ish.

    I'll obviously stay here, but I'm just worrying…

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