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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    If you don't know what PvZ namespace page is, it's those pages that are used for help or informational pages like the rules or polls. I'm planning to add some more such as the wiki's FAQ (surprised no one ever thought of that) and a help page on how to properly deal with spammers/vandals (don't feed the trolls etc.)

    Now I'm not sure if it has to go through vote first but I don't think it's necessary for such obvious things.

    If you want the preview, check here.

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    I'm back!

    September 4, 2017 by Drek'TharSuperSword

    I've managed to fix my PC by replacing the PSU with a new one. Thankfully it didn't damage the other components so it wasn't costly to repair it. I really need my PC for some of my school projects, particularly movie-making as well as some presentations, so if it was entirely b0rked then I'm pretty much screwed...

    It's quite an expensive desktop so obviously my parents wouldn't fix it for me if anything else were damaged, and they're gonna be so mad at me because I have this PC for only 9 months.

    I think I should go back in service now

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So, I just wanna tell you that there's a PvZ rival that was up since 2011 (so that's before I joined this wiki) and it's zombiesvsplants (wait what? Why are the zombies the protagonist? nvm)

    Obviously it's dead, it never gained any attention so yeah.

    Apparently they ripped the old PvZW logo off and slapped it into the wiki.

    Like, the last time there was an edit was on August 2013 there. That's literally 4 years ago.

    JUST CHECK IT OUT. This is just to tell you it exists.

    if only someone wanted to make a less-cancerous PvZW there...

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    I've always wanted to make this kinda blog post but yeah I never managed to do so, but whatever.

    If you think the wiki's drama's really cringy and it couldn't be any worse, think again.

    Meet the "thing that makes me f**king cringe". Posted back in 2012 (that's when I was 11! underage user detected) and surprisingly, has never been deleted, ever. People WILL think that I'm digging my own grave but the thing is, some of them are hilarious.

    dat stretch text tho

    If you can't see that page for some reason, then here's the full text.





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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Well, I haven't told you this but, I'm about to switch to some sorta fibre network here, which has a less stressful cap and is a bit more stable than my mobile data connection I've always used since I joined this wiki(!). The problem is that this ISP is one of the less responsible here, since I've contacted them to install it on my house but the guys still haven't come here yet after 5 days, and there's no other options since most of the ISPs don't reach my place yet for coverage (actually a lot of these providers aren't capping their bandwidth, and are much cheaper, which makes me sad panda for not being able to use them), so I was a bit (by that I mean a lot) forced to use it. Can't stand having my mobile data running out every 5-10 days…

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