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  • I live in a motherboard's socket
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is chemist :P
  • I am TCZ gaming solutions
  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So here it is. We're on May 5 now. Now, for those who ask "what's this surprise all about?" well then here's the answer.

    It's both the PvZ's 8th anniversary AND my 5 years on the wiki!

    Apparently it was really a coincidence. I've never thought I joined the wiki on PvZ's 3rd anniversary. I've never known the release date of PvZ back then so yeah.

    But that's not just that. Let me tell you a story.

    I've come a long way, from just a random user with poor English and editing skills, to a much more responsible admin.

    Seriously, my first mainspace edit was on Gargantuar and at that time I was just randomly tossing all "weaknesses" (even those that are obvious like instant kills) and obviously it got undone. Didn't care much back then. Around a year pr…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Just a reminder that it's getting closer. 3 days left and I'm gonna tell you something quite interesting. Just wait for it

    UPDATE: The secret is NOW! Head over here to see what it is.

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    I made this as a follow-up to this blog. If you saw the "blog posts" section on that 2011 Crazy Dave page copy, you'll notice this blog User blog:CattailsWelove/Whats your Idea for a New Plant and Zombie in Plants Versus Zombies?. The link's still accessible now and you can visit it at any time. Comments have been closed because it's too old.

    Sure, PvZCC exists, but that blog was made before the wiki was made.

    Apparently, some of the contents there are now available in the PvZ series, which is quite shocking. This gives me suspicions that they actually read this blog back then and decided to make the contents in-game few years later. Here are some CattailsWelove made:

    "Ball-nut :A Replacement for Wall-nut in Wall-nut Bowling exept that Ball-nu…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So I actually have this old copy of the Crazy Dave wiki page that dates back to May 7, 2011. It was on my old HDD and it was backed up along with the rest of the files a while back.

    If you want it, here it is .

    • Wayback Machine doesn't have the snapshot of the page from May 7, 2011, for those of you who thinks that I stole it from there.
      • There was a copy from Aug 26 2011, but it looks different than this one. The earliest copy from 2009 is also different.
    • has never saved any snapshots of the Crazy Dave page.
    • I joined this wiki on May 5, 2012, but I saved this page a year earlier, 11 months 29 days to be exact. Yes, it's a coincidence.
    • Starfruity joined the wiki 13 days after I saved the page (May 20, 2011), while DDA joined the wiki 20…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So it appears that someone proposed for demotion and it succeeded. I don't mind too much about that considering the fact that I already unprotected my userpage so requests are unnecessary.

    I self-demoted instead of waiting for a crat to demote me.

    Now, you may notice my activity has been dropping significantly. This is because I apparently lost interest on the wiki, since there are no requests I can fulfill anymore back then there were TONS of chat tag requests, but Discord is just cutting through the amounts of users on the lawn, and this affected the amount of requests I got.

    Not sure if I want to do some mainspace job again, because doing spelling/grammar/pronoun corrections sometimes can be a massive pain in the butt. I think forum stuff …

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