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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 - It's About Time World Idea - Zomb War II

Hey guys, I'm doing a world currently called Zomb War II.

Name: Zomb War II (Looking for alternatives.)

New Plants: 7 New POW (Plants of War)

New Zombies: 35 New Mind blowing, insanely tough zombies.

1 New Power-Up: Power Gun (Replaces Power Snow. What? They did it with Frostbite Caves.)

Levels: 35 Levels in battle. (Gargantuar at Level 17.)

Description: It's World War II And the 1940's aren't a very good time for Earth. The Zombie-Plant War is going on forever and it is up to you to end this war. With 7 new plants ready for action, it's up to you commander, to end the war.

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