aka Gene Villapando

  • DragonPlant23

    Hey guys, I'm doing a world currently called Zomb War II.

    Name: Zomb War II (Looking for alternatives.)

    New Plants: 7 New POW (Plants of War)

    New Zombies: 35 New Mind blowing, insanely tough zombies.

    1 New Power-Up: Power Gun (Replaces Power Snow. What? They did it with Frostbite Caves.)

    Levels: 35 Levels in battle. (Gargantuar at Level 17.)

    Description: It's World War II And the 1940's aren't a very good time for Earth. The Zombie-Plant War is going on forever and it is up to you to end this war. With 7 new plants ready for action, it's up to you commander, to end the war.

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  • DragonPlant23

    Day 1, I need help now. You need to find me. Whoever finds this note,

    Make a crew, Find me, and find the dangerous Yeti Zombie.

    I know it's dangerous, I really do. But I need help finding it!

    My crew has disappeared from existence. Like they were eaten.

    Bring Crazy Dave. He'll know what to do. Bring Penny too.

    May You Live, Drayan the Repeater, Explorer. Read more >