I am planning to make a PvZRPG post called PvZ Team Wars: A Team-based PvP RPG that will register players for the two teams that will be in the game. These teams won't be Plants and Zombies(unless you all decide it to be so), so they can contain, say three Robo-Cone Zombies and five maxed out Pea Pods. They then go to the team's post stream to finalize what everyone is and their abilities and moves as well as plan out who gets what items and what minions they will control.

You can have up to five(5) moves and ONE(1) ability. The move types are Offensive(targeting enemies), Defensive(only targeting minions and self), Supportive(targeting allies), and Creation(creating more minions or items). You can have up to three(3) Offensive moves, two(2) Defensive, four(4) Supportive, and one(1) Creation. For abilities, I will decide a list of three(3) abilities you can obtain depending on what plant/zombie you are, and you decide the one you want. Feel free to ask for abilities when you present the type of plant/zombie you are, as I would accept it about 85% of the time(and the 15% is mostly to accommodate for nonsense). I will make a list of previously made moves/abilities or ones you suggest here in another blog.

I forgot about having you create yourself first! Once in the team(or even before), you should create your character(s). He/She/It/They will be a plant/zombie(s) of your desiring or anything else that can logically control itself(ves)(robot or life/unlife form) from the PvZ games(I might accept PvZCC ones if not too OP or game-changing). Also, you don't necessarily have to be one being. You can be a small army of weaker units, like a horde of helmeted zombies. Horde players, after taking a certain percentage of their health* as damage, lose DP(Damage Points)** and certain hoard-based abilities as well as take *2 damage from any splash effects that affect them or originate from a hit against them(for example, a Coco Cannon hit to them). If you want something to base your idea for power, try Plants as more than a Cattail but less than a Cob Cannon or for Zombies in between Knight Zombie and Gargantuar(including them in this case).

For every member in the team, the team either gets 250 Sun and 1000 Coins if a plant or 250 Brainz and 1000 Zombucks if a zombie. Sun and Brainz are used to empower, hire, or simply pay plants and zombies respectively. Coins and Zombucks are used to buy things from humans and business zombies respectively. Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss sometimes ask for both Sun and Coins or Brainz and Zombucks respectively. For items, I am not the most creative so you can send me ideas down below that I most likely will put in another blog(s) for Items, Shops/Merchants, and Minions.

Now, with a limited amount of money, there has to be some way to obtain more. Therefore, there will be Raidable Areas in where you put your premature skills to the test in order to obtain more currency, and sometimes Items and/or Minions or even Merchants! For some Items and Minions(and all Merchants) obtained this way, this is the only way to obtain them(making them Rare). There are three types of Areas: Keeps, Dungeons, and Lairs. Keeps tend to have a plentiful amount of enemies and a stash of mostly money(usually 1 or 2 currencies) while Dungeons usually are guarded by a handful of more powerful foes and hold more Items and Minions. Lairs are home to a small number of boss-like monsters but yeild a lot of Rare Items/Minions and piles of all currencies. Feel free to give me ideas for Areas and I might put them into a Raidable Areas blog.

Shops are key in this game, as they allow you to purchase powerful Items, gain an army of willing Minions, and upgrade yourself(ves) or said Items and Minions. Different shops will sell different things and ask for different currencies. The person who says "I buy X[amount of] <Item/Minion>" will choose who gets what, but can be overruled if most of the team says otherwise(AKA only a quarter of others agree). Also, hoard players will assume enough was bought for their entire self(group he/she controls). I have a general idea of what shops I will have, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them down below. I will put up a blog with all the shops and what kind of things they sell later.

Now, for the organization of the game itself! The game will have 'Rounds' that last three(3) weeks each(21 days). The first five days, people can join teams and decide on what they are going to be and set up a plan on what they will buy and where they will raid. During this period, you can change what character(s) you are and buy and get full refunds. After that, no more people can join and all characters must be finalized! Also, the 'floodgates' will open, allowing players to start raiding places. There will be three(3) lands that teams have access to: Team 1 Land, Team 2 Land, and Mid-Land. The first two are only accessible by their respective team and usually contain low-level Keeps and Dungeons and high-level Lairs while the Mid-Lands are accessible by both teams and tend to have mid- and high-level Keeps and Dungeons. This lasts eleven(11) days, but on the last day all Shops and Merchants have a 50% off sale to make you as prepared as possible for the battle.

The last five(5) days is the battle. In the Battle, you fight RPG forum-style until all enemies are defeated or the 5-day timer runs out. If the timer runs out, the Team with the highest Battle Points wins. Battle Point come from how well you survived the enemy onslaught: +1 BP per percentage of health per character, -40 BP per dead team member, +1BP for each surviving Minion, and, as bonus, +1 BP for every 100 of any currency not spent. An extra action you can take is Revive. It takes 12 hours AND 3 or more posts in between(but done no matter what after 18 hours) and you to lose less than 5% of your health during that time, but it revives a dead ally character(NOT a Minion) with 40% of their health.

Now, to give a general idea for how things should look like. Normally purchasable lv. 1 Minions range from the weakest to Repeater/Conehead, lv 2 goes from the end of lv. 1 to Melon-pult/Blockhead, and lv. 3 from the end of lv. 2 to Cob Cannon/ NORMAL Gargantuar. From special(saved) Merchants, there are no lv. 1 Minions, lv. 2 goes from Threepeater/Screen Door to Gatling Pea/Robo-Cone, and lv. 3 from end of lv. 2 to... well anything(other than Zombots or the Tree of Wisdom). Also, special(unpurchasable) Minions are always lv. 3 and are powerful like the Tall-nut Cannon/Disco Zombie. Also, you can obtain the Zombot and/or the Tree of Wisdom(which will be a boss-like creature) by finding its fertilizer/pieces(uncommon-rare) and the sapling/blueprint(legendarily rare) and paying a lot of both respective currencies to Crazy Dave/Dr. Zomboss.

The Items are also important. For lv. 1 purchasable Equipment it goes up to +10HP/+2DP(Damage), lv. 2 starts with the end of lv. 1 and is topped with +35HP/+7DP, and lv. 3 the end of lv. 2 to +65HP/+18DP(BTW these all have special effects in the factoring). In the department of special Equipment, skip lv. 1, lv. 2 from +15HP/+3DP to +45HP/+12DP, and lv. 3 from end of lv. 2 to +80HP/+25DP(special effects are added after calculations). Stats can be upgraded and is unlevelled, but I won't allow ridiculous things(like a +300HP boost total or a Big Pea every shot w/out consequences) and will get very expensive quickly(as they can't be stolen).

I hope you like my idea! I am working on this in my free time. If you like it, please leave a comment on what you like about it and what you would like. If you don't tell me what is wrong or flawed about this game. Also(if I have made them) check out my blogs that I have linked above. Bai!

*((1/hoard amount)*100)%
**-original DP/hoard amount