I am writing a PVZ fan fiction! I want to know if it is a good idea or if you like it. Also, let me know if you want something to happen. I'll put a 'spoiler' backwords if anyone want's to know who the 'author' is:

.drabiraM deman 'tnecca lavideM' a htiw dlogiraM dezitamuart A.

Anyways, a few questions:

-Do you want me to slowly post more and more chapters or present it all together? I'm the type of person who works forever to get an awesome project out(if that helps).

-Should I use some PVZCC plants/zombies from time to time? I am already at Ch. 10 so you might have to wait for them if the answer is yes.

-Any ideas for anything? Let me know if you got any ideas that I could put into use as well as any descriptions I need to spice up the story at certain parts.

Other than that, thanks for reading!