I know a quite decent amount of people are just plain unsatisfied with the low difficulty level of the two main PvZ titles. So I made it my duty to make it a bit more challenging by adding certain challenges to it! I personally call it Hardcore PvZ, but call it what you will. I will put up a list of the rules below.

PvZ(the original game)


-Do not lose lawnmowers or use upgrade plants or Imitater(excluding in endless)
-Do not use any instants other than Potato Mine, Squash, or Tangle Kelp(in gameplay w/ Sun)
-No plants can be EATEN completely(excluding nuts, other defensive plants, Lily Pad, and Flower Pot) in gameplay involving Sun


-Levels 1-8: Do not let a zombie reach the middle of the (Lv#+1) rightmost tile[excluding Level 3(Do not  let a zombie reach the end of the 4th rightmost tile)]
-Level 10: Do not use Cherry Bombs.


-Level 11: Beat it w/out mushrooms.
-Destroy all Graves before the last wave(unless they spawn then).
-Level 15: Only use Grave Buster and(if you play mobile) drag your finger on the screen
-Level 20: Always have at least 6 instants


-Level 25: Have at least 3 Cherry Bombs spare by the end of the level
-Level 30: Do not use Jalapeño[excluding 2 to get the achievement(although you can get. It in 1 :P)].
-Do not use the Ice-shroom trick to prevent the zombies from coming out of the water.


-Do not use the Ice-shroom trick.
-Do not use Plantern or Blover.


-Do not let Bungee Zombies or Catapult Zombies take out your plants


-You MUST stop his Ice/Fire ball attack.
-You must kill a Football Zombie without any instants.
-You must kill a Gargantuar without using a Jalapeño(or 2) on it.

~Minigames/Other Modes

-In Zombiquarium; get 10 Snorkel Zombies before reaching 400 Sun.
-In Zombotany and Zombotany 2; do not use any defensive plants.
-In Seeing Stars; beat it before e first Flag Zombie appears.
-In Column Like you See 'Em; do not lose any Tall-nuts or Magnet-shrooms and do not use Jalapeño.
-In Last Stand; end with 2000 spare Sun.
-In Pogo Party; with w/out using Magnet-shrooms or Tall-nuts.
-In Beghouled and Beghouled Twist; get the 3 upgrades before reaching 55 matches and do not lose any plants.
-In I, Zombie; only use the following zombies(except in Endless): Zombie, Imp, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Pole Vaulting Zombie.
-In Vasebreaker, break 3 vases at a time.



-Do not use PF, PF Boosts, power ups, or other purchased plants/objects. 
--You can only use Gem-purchased plants 3 time per world
--You may use all plants and boosts freely in Endless modes(PF can be used, but you must have at least 3 by the end)
--You also may use PF freely in boss battles.
--For purchased boosts; do not use it if it is the PF or Seed Packet boost, if the Shovel use it freely after you get both of the boosts for that, and do not use 25 sun if it is the Sun Start boost.
-DO NOT lose lawnmowers. Ever(except by boost, if you think this is too hard)
-Only use plants from the world you are playing plus the tutorial plants(Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, and Potato Mine).
--If there isn't enough to fill all(usable) spots, feel free to use any other plants.
--Also you cannot use instants that do an instant kill in more than a 2*2.
-You may go to other worlds, but you cannot go pass how far you've gone in the previous world(percentage-wise)


-You HAVE TO do it!
-Do not lose any plants other than up to 3 Potato Mines

~Ancient Egypt

-When there is a Ra Zombie, you can only pick up Sun from the sky(unless he is full).
-You must destroy all of the Gravestones; but if there is a Tomb Raiser Zombie, then you may leave 2 if he made them.
-Don't lose any plants other than up to 5 instant and/or defensive plants per level.

~Pirate Seas

-You cannot use Spikeweed to pop barrels(excluding the boss level and Endless)
-Do not lose any Snapdragons or Coconut Cannons during the boss battle.
--Also, you can only use PF on them.

~Wild West

-Do not lose any Winter Melons during the boss battle. 
--Also, you can only place up to one on a minecart.

~Far Future

-You may use PF on plants on Power Tiles, but you must end the level with 3 or more PF.

~Dark Ages

-You may use Grave buster anytime you want.
-Defeat the Dark Dragon after destroying all of the tombstones.

~Big Wave Beach

-Don't die horribly(?)!


-Break 3 vases at a time.

~Piñata Party

-Go wild!!!

So, even people that can beat the first level of Night without Puff-shroom in PvZ have trouble with this sometimes. I will leave a list of levels I had problems in and resorted to help from all of you guys right here:

-WW Level 18(Notes: Melon-Pult seems too expensive and there may be a way to win without Split Peas of I use Lightning Reeds on minecarts)