Hi there, Dr Crzzy Dave here, and i have something important to tell you about myself. It's a big thing about me and I want to share it with the people on this wikia, since I trust you all and consider you my friends. Basically, I have known this about me since I watched a video by my current now two idols, one called Nick Laws (youtube username is Nickalaws, apparently his face is creepy) and another called Matthew Lush (youtube username is lush and gaygod, apparently his face is creepy too). If you watch one of their videos, please don't judge me. And also, they have broke up now, so you can only see the vid I watched through imitation channels.

Just over 1 year ago I discovered this huge part of me, I was in a state of disbelief first, but then I came to accepting it. And to be honest, I can defend myself against people who disagree with how I was born, and if that fails, I just ignore them, and don't care at all! I have not really run into any people who are against me, even though the town I am living in sort of finds it funny, what?..

I've given two paragraphs without explaining what this is, I'm a homosexual (a.k.a I'm gay). Currently, I also have 1 ex boyfriend, wow, that didn't last long. If you have read up to here, good job, now. Goodbye! And good night if it is night. And good day if it is noon. And good morning if it is the morning!

I also have a crush :P

PS: Thanks so much for all the supportive comments, it's even made this blog a "hot spot" a couple of times :D! I really appreciate it, like really really really really appreciate it!