Hey Guys. Today I wanna talk about an old plant from PvZ 1 called Scaredy Shroom. As much as I would love to see Scaredy Shroom come back to the game, as well as the other mushrooms from that game, there really wouldn't be a reason for it. The whole point of Scaredy Shroom was to act like a cheap peashooter for night levels. Knowing that they completely re-designed the Cactus so she would be more than just a peashooter that shoots balloons, why not apply the same rule to Scaredy Shroom? Here is what I would propose if they were to re-design this plant.

Scaredy Shroom

Sun Cost: 175 sun (Just a placeholder sun cost)

Recharge: Fast

Damage: Normal

Range: Straight

Description: Scaredy Shrooms fire spores at zombies. The closer they are to him the faster he fires, and the more scared he gets.

Special: Fires faster the closer zombies are to him.

I think this would make the scaredy shroom a bit better, rather than the hiding mechanic he has in the first PvZ. The fire rate itself would depend on how close the zombies are. One way to look at it is imagine the predator mechanics from Batman: Arkham Knight. The enemies first become calm, then nervous, then terrified. That is essentially what would occur with Scaredy Shroom. He will always fire the fastest when the zombies are almost ready to eat him.

This plant, if implemented with these changes, would make a very good pairing with pumpkin(if Popcap decides to bring hime back). It would be interesting combination to have and to bring both of them together in a new time era(maybe). I dunno, what do you guys think? I just want Scaredy Shroom to come back to this game in some way.

P.S. I didn't forget to mention the plant food effect, I just didn't know what to think of.