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May 11, 2015
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  • Dr. Shroom

    Hey Guys. Today I wanna talk about an old plant from PvZ 1 called Scaredy Shroom. As much as I would love to see Scaredy Shroom come back to the game, as well as the other mushrooms from that game, there really wouldn't be a reason for it. The whole point of Scaredy Shroom was to act like a cheap peashooter for night levels. Knowing that they completely re-designed the Cactus so she would be more than just a peashooter that shoots balloons, why not apply the same rule to Scaredy Shroom? Here is what I would propose if they were to re-design this plant.

    Scaredy Shroom

    Sun Cost: 175 sun (Just a placeholder sun cost)

    Recharge: Fast

    Damage: Normal

    Range: Straight

    Description: Scaredy Shrooms fire spores at zombies. The closer they are to him the faster …

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