Dr. Edgar George Zomboss 43852

aka Lord Zomboss

  • I live in In Zomboss Estate
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Leader of all Zombies!.
  • I am Men
  • Dr. Edgar George Zomboss 43852

    Here will tell about some good strategies to pass easier Terror from Tomorrow, I do it because have been calling me many times (If not, would reveal my secrets)

    • First, make sure you have completed all the levels to start a Endless Zone (Because if you dont have all the Plants would lose easier)
    • if you can buy some Plants (You will need those plants, if you can buy them: Hypno-Shroom, Starfruit, Squash, Power Lily and Imitater)
    • Buy Upgrades (Buy the upgrades Extra Seed Slot and Extra Plant Food)
    • Get a lot of money (it need more money, to buy Plant Food or Boosts, only when necessary)
    • Having Boosts Plants ( In your Zen Garden grab boosts of plants, only when necessary)

    • Importantly, while the levels advancements collects the necessary plants.
    • Plant …

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  • Dr. Edgar George Zomboss 43852

    Coming Soon!

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