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  • DoctorBreakfast

    This topic was supposedly used to rant about Big Wave Beach's rants. I would never write a blog for this, because i'm pretty good in anger management. But with all of this rants and negative comments, i've never been this mad since joining this wiki.

    Normally, i would ignore them, but all of these people.... it's like they haven't tried it out ONE BIT, and they are still complaining. So what's the purpose of that? It's like you're complaining about your birthday gift without knowing what's in it. I'm just sick of it.

    • calm*
    • calm*

    So, i will stop here, because if i write anything more, it'll full of cencored badwords and it might hurt your feelings. But frickin' please, try Big Wave Beach Part 2 out, think of a good strategy before saying any wo…

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    Warning, these are just my opinions, so don't get mad if you disagree with me :) 

    So, it's kinda late now, my eyes can't hold on any longer so let's started.

    The ratings are based on the usefulness, and unique.

    • Lily Pad - Crucial in here, i mean, you can't complete most of the levels without them, but useless in other worlds. So i'll give it a 8/10. Mostly because some levels, water will raise to the last line of your defense, so if you don't bring Lily Pad, then my friend, you're dead.
    • Tangle Kelp - The same as Lily Pad, but has a HUGE letdown: slow recharge. The same as PvZ1, but with the density of zombies in PvZ2, this plant won't help you much, so it's a 6/10.
    • Bowling Bulb - (This is a very awesome plant, splash damage in 3x3 radius, a Plant…

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    Thanks the Cryptid Wikia for all of the information

    Well, yes, my first blog post is about a phenomenal! You all know about the pesky little Zombie Chicken right? But worse thing is, the Zombie Chicken is truly exist! :o

    Don't worry, after a bit of searching, i found out this chicken won't run at crazy speed and peck at your brains. Turns out, it's an inspiration story. If you would like to know about this miracle, stay on :)

    This is a story about Miracle Mike. Just a regular rooster, until his owners decided to make a delicios dinner from him. Holding an axe, Mr. Lloyd Olsen swung it, and chop Mike's head off. But the strike missed the jugular vein, leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact. Therefore, Mike was still able to stand up…

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