Hi, My Favourite Plants are Banana Launcher,Chomper,Flame Mushroom(Chinese Version),Ice Mushroom(Chinese Version),Vigerous Brocoli(Chinese Version),Fire Peashooter(Removed in 1.9,Back in Frostbite Cave(Can be Purchased or Free in part 2).


Ugly/Useless/Weird Plants Created In Plants vs Zombies All Stars and PVZ Online:

Apple(Possibly A Defendless Plant,Maybe Die A Seconds,Possible Recharge is fast Plus a Useless)

Pear(Looks Cute, But Maybe a Litte Defendless Plant(Idk Why It Weird XD)).

Durian(O.O a Defend Plant and A Attack Plant? this is weird).

Narcissus(A Flower The Shoots Bubbles ;-; a Weird one).

Choy Ben >> Bonk Choy >> Choy ji?! (Same Plants and Differents Upgrade).

God Dragon Grass(Looks Ugly And Weird)

Awesome Plants In PVZ: AS?:

Wildlife Stump(:D Creepy And Awesome)

Ice Arrow Shooter

Doomsday Mushroom(EPIC EXPLOSION)

And Last Bonus:

Coconut Rocket Launcher is the uglyiest plant ever D:

Few free to say anything about ugly plants or something....