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September 27, 2014
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    This will be unused costume page list so I will be updating this. Tutorial,

    Android version:

    1.Use hxd hex editor or hex editor(download this at google play,free) on .obb

    2.type this. custom_ (they are costume code)

    3.each of them are 01/02/03 or etc.

    4.change this _custom

    5.make sure you look at my list what unused costume you want like peashooter,etc. it and play the game.

    IOS version:

    1.there are two options.

    Ifunbox and Ifile.

    If you are non-jailbreak,you need to get ifunbox and hxd hex editor.

    If you are jailbreak,you can use ifile(not free,it cost $4.99 but you can download from other source.)or ifunbox.


    1.Download this itunes and connect the device to the PC.

    2.Open ifunbox,go to your device.

    3.Go to PVZ2/Library/Application S…

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    Then You at The Right Spot.

    For Android users,

    You Mostly that came from obb.

    But For Ios user who really wanted.

    There is a way.

    I Test this for marigold.

    What You gonna do is you need ifunbox/Ifile and Hxd Hex Editor/Ifile Hex Editor.

    For Ifunbox,

    you need to download itunes and connect your device into.

    For Ifile(JailBroken users),

    you dont need. you just find the folder(NOTE:The Files are filled with Random Letters and Numbers).

    1.Open IFunbox/Ifile.

    2.Go To PVZ2 App. ---> 3.Go To Library/Application Support/No_Backup/ipad3(Air)(For Iphone Users,your file is different it should be name iphone(Numbers).For Ipad User,It should be IPad(Numbers).---->4.Your Main Source is 3.3.2.rsb. Click Open With Hxd Hex Editor/IFile Hex Editor. 

    For Unused Costumes, …

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    Hi, My Favourite Plants are Banana Launcher,Chomper,Flame Mushroom(Chinese Version),Ice Mushroom(Chinese Version),Vigerous Brocoli(Chinese Version),Fire Peashooter(Removed in 1.9,Back in Frostbite Cave(Can be Purchased or Free in part 2).


    Ugly/Useless/Weird Plants Created In Plants vs Zombies All Stars and PVZ Online:

    Apple(Possibly A Defendless Plant,Maybe Die A Seconds,Possible Recharge is fast Plus a Useless)

    Pear(Looks Cute, But Maybe a Litte Defendless Plant(Idk Why It Weird XD)).

    Durian(O.O a Defend Plant and A Attack Plant? this is weird).

    Narcissus(A Flower The Shoots Bubbles ;-; a Weird one).

    Choy Ben >> Bonk Choy >> Choy ji?! (Same Plants and Differents Upgrade).

    God Dragon Grass(Looks Ugly And Weird)

    Awesome Plants In PVZ: AS?:


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