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Dinner111 January 19, 2015 User blog:Dinner111

This blog will have suggestions on how Popcap can bring the plants and zombies that they made in their spin-off games into their main games.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

  • Aspearagus: Each shot from this plant deals 2 NDS and pierces 3 zombies.
  • Popcorn: It takes 20 seconds to arm itself and deals 45 NDS upon exploding.
  • Beet: It headbutts zombies that are in front of it. Each headbutt deals 5 NDS and can hit multiple zombies.
  • Flaming Pea: This plant has already been announced to appear in Plants vs. Zombies 2, but I think that it could ignite zombies for 3 seconds. Ignited zombies suffer 1 NDS of afterburn with each second.
  • Shamrock: This plant's projectiles penetrate 5 zombies. When zombies are near it, it hides itself in its petals. It can take 40 normal damage bites before dying.
  • Bamboo Shoot: This plant launches exploding projectiles to any zombie on the board. The projectiles deal 20 NDS and explode in a 3x3 radious.
  • Chilly Pepper: It explodes in a single row, freezing any zombies that are on that row and dealing 45NDS.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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