I don't know about you, but something in Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been bothering me. What is it, you might ask? Well, I know this might sound stupid, but it's the naming of the basic variants. This is something that has been inconsistent since the game was released, with the exception of the naming of the Basic Zombie variants. Here's what I mean:

Player's House: Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Flag Zombie, Imp, Gargantuar

Ancient Egypt: Mummy Zombie, Conehead Mummy, Buckethead Mummy, Flag Mummy Zombie, Imp Mummy, Mummified Gargantuar

Pirate Seas: Pirate Zombie, Conehead Pirate, Buckethead Pirate, Flag Pirate Zombie, Imp Pirate Zombie, Gargantuar Pirate

Wild West: Cowboy Zombie, Conehead Cowboy, Buckethead Cowboy, Flag Cowboy Zombie, Zombie Bull Rider, Wild West Gargantuar

Okay, we can see that it goes X Zombie, Conehead X, Buckethead X, Flag X Zombie. But the Player's House variants are Conehead Zombie and Buckethead Zombie, not just Conehead and Buckethead, so why couldn't they just add the word Zombie to the Conehead and Buckethead variants in the other worlds? Conehead Cowboy Zombie, Buckethead Mummy Zombie, etc. Then there's Imps and Gargantuars. Imps' names are completely inconsistent. Should it be Imp Mummy Zombie or Imp Pirate? I'm not even going to bother with Zombie Bull Rider. That doesn't even have the word Imp in it! Lastly there's Gargantuar Pirate. An achievement's description refers to it as Pirate Gargantuar. Why can't it be called that in the actual game? I'll omit Basic Zombies' and Gargantuars' names now since the former is completely consistent while the latter is only inconsistent in Pirate Seas (Gargantuar Prime is fine in my opinion).

Far Future: Future Conehead Zombie, Future Buckethead Zombie, Future Flag Zombie, Bug Bot Imp

Oh, so now it's X Conehead Zombie and X Buckethead Zombie? I know Conehead Future and Buckethead Future sounds weird. But couldn't they have put the word Future after Conehead and Buckethead? Conehead Future Zombie and Buckethead Future Zombie? Or why not Future Conehead and Future Buckethead? Future Flag Zombie should have been Flag Future Zombie. Bug Bot Imp is fine since "Imp Bug Bot" and "Imp Bug Bot Zombie" don't sound right, but I'll still talk about the other Imp variants.

Dark Ages: Conehead Peasant, Buckethead Peasant, Peasant Flag Zombie, Imp Monk Zombie

The first two are completely consistent. Then there's Peasant Flag Zombie. Why not Flag Peasant Zombie. As for Imp Monk Zombie, it's fine since the Pirate Seas variant is also called Imp Pirate Zombie. It seems like Imp X Zombie is the most consistent Imp Variant name now.

Big Wave Beach: Pompadour/Bikini Conehead, Pompadour/Bikini Buckethead, Beach Flag Zombie, Imp Mermaid Zombie

Why can't there be the word Zombie? Far Future got away with Future Conehead/Buckethead Zombie, but Big Wave Beach can't? I guess Beach Flag Zombie is fine since it's a Beach-themed variation of Flag Zombie and there's no zombie called "Beach Zombie". Imp Mermaid Zombie is consistent what with Imp Pirate Zombie and Imp Monk Zombie

Frostbite Caves: Cave Conehead, Cave Buckethead, Cave Flag Zombie, Yeti Imp

Okay, there are now four examples of Conehead/Buckethead X, one example of X Conehead/Buckethead Zombie, and two examples of X Conehead/Buckethead X. As far as Flag Zombie variants go, there are three examples of Flag X Zombie and four examples of X Flag Zombie. Imp variants? One example of Imp X, three examples of Imp X Zombie, one example of Zombie X and three examples of X Imp.

Lost City: Conehead Adventurer Zombie, Buckethead Adventurer Zombie, Flag Adventurer Zombie, Lost City Imp Zombie

(Gasps) My mind is blown. Just when I thought it couldn't get more inconsistent, it did.

Of course, this doesn't keep me from playing the game. I still play it frequently. This is just something that slightly bothers me. What do you think about this? Do you think the zombies' names should be changed? Leave a comment below!