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aka Tawog and PvZ fan

1,612 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
December 15, 2014
  • I live in in my house.
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is a forum gamer,a bit roleplayer,sometimes chatter and rarely editor.
  • I am a bot.

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  • Dihaha

    Title says everything...

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  • Dihaha

    Just ask in da comments below.But not private things.


    I will be such inactive from 24 Oct to 27 Oct due to exam.I got Malay,Music,English and more test.So,comments may be replied late and may be abandoned.

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  • Dihaha

    Low Edit

    October 15, 2016 by Dihaha

    Wow.Just wow.I've been editing since 2014,but my edit still under 1000.Looks at new users edits....sad.....I think cuz my real inactivity on 2015.I'll start editing since Jan-Feb,then inactive.And finally from Sept to now,my edits increased.Thanks to addictive forum games.Nuff said,I'm really low on mainspace edits.But pretty good in forum edits.


    I want to leave dis wiki.

    Best to Zooklubs.

    They gave impressions to me......

    Some frenz....


    Hah,lie.I may not leave due to dis amazing wiki.Did anyone know me?I think most not.Cuz I'm such a late,rare editor until I saw


    I played it since 2015.I always keep noticed by them.Until


    Yup,I have a big exam in Oct 2015 and Sept 2016.

    Thats y I have a low edits.

    SEE YA!! …

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  • Dihaha

    Zookas Club!

    October 11, 2016 by Dihaha

    Welcome to zookas club!Here,you can create your zookas,posts ads and join our club!

    • I created the zooka wiki!Everyone can edit and do your own zooka!


    • Whizwhite(Creator/Founder)
    • Rodimus(Co.Owner)
    • Dihaha(Assistant)
    • Jelo(New joiner)

    • Carzooka
    • Oniocarzooka
    • Waterzooka
    • Whizzooka
    • O RLY Zooka
    • Hoverboardzooka(released)
    • Pokezooka(prototype)
    • Bazookazooka(prototype)
    • F-14 Zooka(prototype)
    • Megazooka(prototype)
    • Hovercarzooka(prototype)

    Ooo zooka...

    So popular...

    Its was created by an idea

    From a genius..


    Carzooka...Oniocarzooka...Waterzooka...Whizzooka...O RLY Zooka..Hoverboardzooka...Pokezooka..Bazookazooka..F-14 Zooka..Megazooka

    And the spin off

    Self Launcher!


    So unique and so that beauty


    Taste the sickness!

    Dihaha,Rodimus an…

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  • Dihaha

    Best wiki Ever

    October 10, 2016 by Dihaha

    This wiki is super awesome.Even some admins left the wiki,this is the most big wiki I edit.

    Staffs like Jack,really do their edits are trash..

    From rollbacks to bureaucrats,all of you are awesome!

    I hope this wiki will go forward and be big on the Internet!Good luck,guys!

    Well don't forget to some regular users,though....

    Something mess up dis wiki...





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