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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Happy Eid-ul-Fitr to all Muslims here! I am sorry to all of you if I hurt your feelings :(

    Peace from Malaysia ;)

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    There is an assembly in my school, mostly about the farewell to my History teacher and the Eid that will come this Sunday. We've got to watch some short eid dramas, where the son can't go back to his mum house for the eid because of his wife doesn't want to. Okay, some of my friends cried. Even me. But I am trying my best to hid it. We've got home early in 11.00 a.m. cause we're taking a bus. While mama riders are allowed to go home in 1.00 p.m. I sit next to my friend, who is a rubic cube pro. I read one of his Wimpy Kid book, and I got to hang with it. 

    I got new clothes for eid ;)

    I know my grammars are upside down, sorry :P

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Comment down below I will judge about your profile pic and username. Remember, the judging is very very strict! And please don't be angry cuz this is for fun:P

    I hope I would start a new trend

    WARNING: My rating is so strict and don't feel offended when I rate your name and profile pic. If you can accept this, comment below.

    From now on, I will not put marks and judge it less strict. And I will search your name in google if it is a reference for something idk

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Pleaseeeeeee!!!! I want to shine in PvZ Wiki like TheO!!! I want to be popular without being a staff!!! Helpp mmee!!!

    (Its a joke)

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Ok this one is serious. I left the wiki for a long period of time. Because study. I will check this wiki sometimes. So... Bye Dihaha.

    End of Part Three.

    No Part Two.

    Part one is here:

    Part Four is still unconfirmed.

    Part Five is also unconfired.

    Wait, Part Six? Are you crazy?

    Absolutely no Part Seven.

    Oh look I skipped Part Eight.

    If this is Part Nine, so what did I skippped?

    Oh I skip Part Two.

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