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Digger Zombie's Life

Im The Digger Zombie. And Yez I Love Digging! Im the real digger zombie and i may be fat... but catapult zombie iz fatter! i will be your demize ztarting level 4-6! and you dam magnet zhrooms better not try to zteal my pickaxe! When I Waz a Human I Waz A Digger And I Found Alot Of Gemz. Then The Zombies Ate My Brainz! Zoon I Became Thiz Terrifying Monster! Zinze Then I Wanted To Eat Brainz Out Of Other Peoplez.

Zencirly, The Digger Zombie Himzelf.
Giga Digger Zombie

Thiz Iz My Giga Brother (Whoz Fake)


Thiz Iz Me!

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