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  • Derpypotatomine999

    Hey!!!This is my second blog post and these are the worst and the least favorite plants in pvz 2

    But you might ask:But were are the best and the favorite plants????                                                                                                                  Well the worst and the least are waaaaay more interesting then those                                                                                                               So let's GO

    10.Tree-pult                                                                                                                                                                            Honestly this is my personal least favorite plant.Wanna know why???BECAUSE IT COSTS 150 AND DOES N…

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  • Derpypotatomine999

    We have failed

    September 26, 2015 by Derpypotatomine999

    Hi guys this is my first blog!!!I'm officialy announcing that we have failed to convince popcap to make Jack O' Lantern gemium (insert MLG sad music)I was really hoping for everybody to join in and convince popcap to do it but now all hope is lost....Or if this gets popular maybe WE CAN do it and convince popcap to do it.But at this point it has only 30% of success.....

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