So, I feel I made a lot of legitimately good arguments against the merging of the Cacti and Dandelions. Here they are:

Listen. Why do we seperate plants and zombies? Is it because they function differently, or because they are different characters? It can't be both. And if we have both Cacti and both Dandelions merged only for being the same character, why do we not have all the returning plants from the first game separated? We have no confirmation from the game that any returning plants are the same characters from the first game. And the same can even be argued against the basic variants, as they are most certainly not the same characters. The thing I'm trying to say is, double standards exist. You can't just say 2 completely different-functioning plants should be merged when 2 that do the exact same thing can't. Same character or not, it doesn't matter. If it's different enough, it should be separated. And I believe that Cactus, Dandelion, and Flaming Pea should all be seperate from their other counterparts. If we continue to merge things with this guideline, we might as well change the merging rules, as things aren't being merged for having less than 3 differences anymore.

In addition, let's look at Twin Sunflower, Spikerock, and Winter Melon. All of them are slightly different than their PvZ 1 counterparts, are no longer upgrade plants, and are not confirmed to the same characters from the first game. Shall we seperate them?

Well now we have to get into what makes a character a character. I myself don't believe any plants and zombies (aside from Zomboss) qualify as actual "characters". While the almanac gives them personalities, genders, etc, they are NOT singular characters along the lines of Crazy Dave, Penny, and Zomboss. As proven by te game itself, there are multiples of every plant. Meaning, they aren't characters at all, they're just plants. The almanac, at least in my opinion, is only giving them personalities for either humorous effect, or relatability. The fact of the matter is, I don't think any plants are characters at all, as you can't use character to refer to a species. The plants aren't characters, and thus that shouldn't be a reason to merge them, they should merged because they function exactly the same. Hence why the Oxygen Algaes are merged. Hence why Gargantuar Prime, Bronze Gargantuar, and Flying Gargantuar are all seperate from the regular Gargantuar. Because they function differently. Character has no place when you're referring to a species.

I do have 2 more scenarios to present.

Scenario 1: What if the game stated that the Cob Cannon and Coconut Cannon were one and the same? Would we merge them?

Scenario 2: What if popcap released a new PvZ game, and in it, the Peashooter functioned exactly the same as in every other game, but was called the "Peaspitter"? What would we do then? Would we make a seperate page for the Peaspitter?