The Greatest Combo (Plants and Zombies)

Hi guys I'd like to know whats your favourite plant or zombie combo, that hopefully can make our zombie-zapping knowledge bigger by reading about other people combos! You can either comment about best plants combo , zombies combo or even both. Please note that (most) players already know the power of PF Spring Bean and Blover combo so no need to post it :p. And dont forget to state the reason!

As for my self:

Plant combo: Spring bean and Winter Melon. These guys are great because they can stall single Gargantuar forever since slowed Gargs take a long time to reach Spring Bean and gives time for Spring Bean to sleep and re-bounce the Gargs.

Zombie combo: Knight zombie and Wizard Zombie. While Knight zombie absorbing damage from plants, Wizards zombie will get protection from knight so wizs can turn plants into sheeps without being worried from major attacks.
Screenshot 2015-02-05-08-19-23

The Knight and Wizard combo.