I'm slowly contributing to this wiki and I gotta say, I feel happy for being a part of this wiki. Today, I earned the Fight your Friends badge. I want to someday earn the 365 days fairly but not being a spammer and getting the badge unfairly. Get it because you gave an honest contribution and gave intregity and effort to work your way up. I added some trivia and 1 Last Stand endless strategy which earned me 217 flags of pure zombie monstronsity. If you are a Last Stand Endless person and you are struggling with an efficient strategy, you should try mine( I'm not saying that the others suck or anything). Try the 8 Cob Trial! Anyways, i feel the biggest contribution i give is the photo gallery on Plant Food. Ironically, I originally said that Photo uploading isn't my turf but I noticed there was some missing glowing zombies and i gave my part. But it isn't done yet. There are some more glowing zombies missing and since i screenshot things from my iPod, the quality of the zombies is pretty c****y. I will get a new laptop and i will try to get better quality on those photos but for now, things are just dicey. But i give full effort in what I do and I love the work I do. I will continue with honest editing and before I do anything major, ask people. 

    Promotion? Nah. When I came back for the 3rd time (1st account disabled, 2nd lost password after major hand burn left me unable to edit) I said I wouldn't take promotion because of lack of time. I decided I am not going to take any Rollback, Chat Moderator, Administrator or Bureaucrat promotions even with the major helpful contributing FarmerZombi had. Under these circumstances I might take promotion:

  • I get more free time to contribute.
  • There is a lack of Bureaucrats, Admins, Chat Moderators and Rollbacks due to inactivity
  • Vandal outbreaks targeting this wiki (vandalism, spamming, harassment)
  • When I reach abour 2,000 cumalative edits
  • Recommendations
  • When I also create an official signature and revamp my User Page
  • 7 or more months since creation of account

I will be right now a contributor to this wiki. I myself will know when it's my time to rise to the call of duty(not the video game).  

     One major announcement some certain people will like to read. I never got the chance to thank certain people back in the FZ days. I was the "founder" of the Plants Vs Zombies National Almanac of Records but I never got the chance to thank the people who help me. I wish I help but the disable of my account crippled the Almanac helpings. Peazrule00 was helpless and I will not mention that certain user who I thought was a friend but Instead, was the mastermind of the major crippling of our friend wiki PvZCC, and cause a major outbreak of disabled users who were inoccently discriminated. But here and now I want to thank:

User:Gregory Exploit: He was what i called, the co-founder and help publish the Records. He is a valuable friend and i wish to continue my friendship with him when he comes back.

User:Hoanganhminh Another helper here and was A Best Friend in the FZ days

User:MeVsZombiesMeWin Another best friend and helper here but he isn't likedby many people (Set a record for the most blocks and unblocks)


Other helpers I forgot to mention that helped and if, Users I didn't list originally who help when i left thank you too! If I didn't list you, post your names in the comments below.

I want to thank these people for different reasons as well:

User:WinterMagnet became one of my best friends when I restarted my new account

User:Wintermelon43 Helped me rebegin here and a good friend

User:ProcastinatorMan We are friends and I want to know him a bit better

User:Starfruity Acquaintances here and I admire him

Users I forgot to mention

Thank you all for a great time on this wiki. I feel this place is my secondary garden and I will continue my hard work and editing here. I want to become friends with more people here and especially the most awesome and funniest user JN5DGF!!! Whenever I get more time, I will announce something about the Almanac and whatnotwhatelse. This is the home and I have 69th place in editting (Giggity Giggity) but It doesn't matter. What matters is that I make a difference here and whatever i do is in good faith. And this is the longest blog i ever typed. I don't know what else I should say. Later, I will create a wordbubble for me but I will need help. Any volunteers? 

  Anyways, I'm wrapping up here and whenever the Far Future update comes, bringing a new plethora of plants, If you need help, I'll volunteer and I will be one of the guys to go. Until next time, eat lots of dirt and brains and THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR A WONDERFUL TIME HERE!!! BALLOONS!

-I am waiting in my grave... 05:08, February 9, 2014 (UTC)