Hello fellow wikians, plants, zombies, and other fellow users. I have some horrible news to share. On Monday, I got in a fight in Home Ec. after a fellow bully started harrassing me and I am just at the end at my rope. I got in a fight with him and to the point where a butter knife got involved. I only picked it up to defend myself but other peers at the class witnessed it as I got the knife to purposely attack him. In case you wonder where i got the damn knife from, we were doing a cupcake lab and sliced bananas were required. The next 2 days, I was in it deep as many staff argued who it was to blame. But much to my horror, I was blamed and I got put in probation for my actions. My life has now turned to hell. There is a small chance if i go to correction classes, I can go back to school. But what If I can't return?

I am not a bad person. I think almost every person on this wiki can agree I am not a bad person. My problem is some of the choices I make. I will be the first to say that some choices I make is a bit bad but I am not a horrible person. Please don't take this the wrong way.

Because of this, it is, with a heavy heart that i decided until May 3, 2014, that I as for a temporary demotion to a garden variety regular user. It is for the best. On staff page, where it says if I am active, please put "Upon Request, Temporary Demotion until 5/3/14". Its for the best.

Despite next week being a spring break, I will be inactive because I have a lot of crap to deal with. I will only be here to make my daily edits only. No chat, no forum, no blogging. Only on weekends. Sad, isn't it?

Any bureaucrat reading this, make the immediate changes please. I am sorry I have to leave, but it is for best.

As because of this, the drawaway is delayed yet again. I don't have a high resolution camera (iPod=crap quality). What can I use for high quality pics? Message me if you can.

For now, Goodbye PMan, Starfruity, MH, Minh, WinterMagnet, CCP, Jack, EPICMAN and Wintermelon43, see you until never.....

I am waiting in my grave... 05:02, April 17, 2014 (UTC)