I have been a huge fan of Animal Crossing ever since I got Wild World on the DS. I have played all installments released in America and I managed to convice some friends to pick up a copy. Warning though: Animal Crossing is basically digital heroin. It is seriously addicting!

We do have a lot of users here and why don't we see which personality fits you the most. Keep in mind these are gender locked so choose the personality that fits your gender and your personality in real life. Also explain why that personality fits you.

Female Personalities

1. Normal: Very friendly and they tend to have a neutral view of things like hobbies and other characters. Despite their name, they have a lack of self worth but are happy with what they have. They are very sweet, friendly, and hospitable to friends.

2. Peppy: Peppy villagers are extremely friendly and excitable, and are loaded with energy. They tend to have short attention spans and dream of being a star of any kind (fashion star, rock star etc.) Basically: Hyperactive. They easily get along with Normal, Jock, and Lazy villagers but can be the butt of jokes and gossip made by Cranky and Snooty Villagers.

3. Snooty: They tend to act arrogant, mature and high end characters compared to other villagers. Completely obsessed with fashion and a love of gossiping, they have trouble socializing as they can easily offend other villagers. When becoming friends with other villagers, they can give fashion tips but can still make rude remarks. Easily gets along with cranky villagers.

4. Uchi: Referred to big sister in Japanese, they are very caring towards people and are less vain than the snooty or peppy villagers, but they are also more blunt and tomboyish and may come across as rude on some occasions.

Male Personalities

1. Cranky: Like their name, they tend to be bitter and grumpy most of the time. They tend to like putting people down and like Snooty villagers, love to gossip about other people. When starting to become friends with someone, they don't act as grouchy as they would to strangers. They can have trouble socializing with any peppy, smug, uchi and jock villagers.

2. Jock: Jock villagers are obsessed with exercise and they often look on their physical appearance. They might do stupid things once in a while but they tend to act like big brothers to their friends. They are extremely competitive.

3. Lazy: Lazy villagers tend to live a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle which, in Animal Crossing, goes with their hospitable nature and love of food. They are very friendly and tend to not take insults but when they do, can become easily depressed. They sleep early and end up waking up late.

4: Smug: They are very polite, kind, and gentlemen-like, and will easily get along with other people. They seem to be a mix between all personality types and are lively, kind, and positive, but may come off as conceited. They also will occasionally flirt with girls.

So what would I fit? I tend to have traits similar to a Lazy villager like a love for food but I do have traits different from one. I tend to sleep late and wake up early and I do care about my diet and appearance. But in the end, looks like I am a Lazy villager. :/

So out of these choices, which personality fits you the best and why? I tried to keep it brief and all but if you are not sure which trait you fit in, you can always check on the Animal Crossing wiki for a more detailed description! Well have a great day!