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Reentering the Plants Vs Zombies Wiki World and uh...Whatever else

DeathZombi December 30, 2013 User blog:DeathZombi

HEY GUYS! Formerly FarmerZombi, now at 14, is DeathZombi! I finally made time to return to the wiki and I want some guidance. Sorry, that sounded weird. Even when I was twelve, I was a readily wiki helper and I helped the wiki grow a bit. I was globally blocked and there was nothing I could do about it. Im back and all but im not as a quick learner as before. I changed a lot now and I reread my former blog posts and I had some good times back then. I need some help to go back to my eager to help state. Beware, I can be a bit angered and pissed off at times but I will try to maintain my anger to a low level. If some admins and users who prieviously knew me, DON'T give me rollback or any positions like those as I am not currently ready. Also, I like to thank the users who contributed to the Record Holder when I was gone for like forever. I'd like to get help from all users and all. I wouldn't mind helping on minor projects if the admins need help, though i am unreliable on photo contributing. So Hello Wiki. And Hello MVZMW and Minh and other users i knew, IM BACK!!!

--I am waiting in my grave... 07:13, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

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