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Most Awesome User (In my opinion)

DeathZombi February 4, 2014 User blog:DeathZombi

After talking to Someone456 about Saturday's dilemna, i'm out of my gloomy mood and I'm feel a bit better. And i am going to start a mini-series called: MOST AWESOME(which is no way inflicted with TheMostAwesomer and yeah, i is a very original title) It can be users, Plants, or anything that enters my mind. I *stalk* user pages and talk pages to see how this user's personality is, even if I don't know that user.  Keep in mind that this is in my own opinion

1st blog: Most Awesome User

Here are some honorable mentions

ProcrastinatorMan- Makes his own templates, he isn't a procrastinator...oh wait he is and WEEGEE!!!

Starfruity- Word Bubble is awesome, Starfruits, and has no weakness...except patience. I'll take him on a fishing trip later this year...not to mention that avatar

Any other user i like but i didn't mention

THE MOST AWESOMER USER? Drumroll please....,dfdsangdsjfdigjfdgnofdgfdkng


Why? come on, this dude has the most epic name ever. Say it a million times! Everyone can agree the name is epic. 

He is infinitely funny and His word bubble. Who wants a lovely supper of fish and chips? I do as long as it isn't referring to that Thomas the Tank Engine Episode. But this isn't the time to start a massive rant of why I hate Thomas the Tank Engine.....

Marcelline. My favorite Adventure Time Character. Especially in that vampire costume. Let her suck my blood Jack!

The only thing I don't like about the dude...2 things actually, sadly, he is inactive and he is a contributor to the Thomas Wiki. I hate that show with a passion and a vengeance but I need to respect people's hard work to contribute that much to something. 

Comment your favorite things about this guy and list you favorite user and why you like him/her/it.  


P.S. Can anyone help me personalize my signature?

I am waiting in my grave... 02:28, February 4, 2014 (UTC)

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