I am now a new rollback here. I formerly was a rollback when Cattailz N Hugh was alive but ironically, I never undid an edit. Lel :P! But now, I am a rollback and probably the only position I will recieve currently. It feels nice that I have a responsibility and I will make sure I don't abuse the rules. "Don't revert good edits". I will do my job and rise to the call of duty (Note that not Capatilized) and help the wiki further. I had some stumbling blocks but here I am. Next promotion? Chat Mod? I won't get that unless there is a lack of Chat Mods and I get 600 edits. 

I want to befriend some of these users and hopefully appear in their friend list one day. I remember in the FZ days I didn't have any friends till Minh and Luigi came. But those days are splat.

I want to friend these people here I am mentioning: Miles, Jack, Luigi, Brains, PK, and a lot of other users. Right now I'm sleepy as hell and this blog is going to be kinda short.

And I will post a thread about the Almanac in a week or so. I did create it but I never could have done it with some people.

And finally, Im finish sketches for the people who personalized themselves in this blog: If you are an invited recipiant and you haven't personalized yourself, please go ahead. It's fun. Don't worry, I won't do some bad illustration, as I am a talented artist. 

And I will do my duties and give it my all! Bye everyone and ANIME 4 DA WIN!!!