Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day! Who the hell is Valentine? I never celebrated the day because I am not much of a lover! Luckily I never saw any kissing, h**ping or o**l ***! Especially the last two! Well imagine if you were writing a card and you accidentally ripped it in half! Then it will be a broken heart " - Jackninja5

 You couldn't have said it better Jack. I mean, I am a lone wolf, and we are alone. I had my first kiss, but that is it. Nothing else.

So for all you lone wolves out there, for Feb. 13- 15, depending on your gender, have your profile pic your waifu or husbando. Obviously Miles has it covered :P . So comment your plans for Valentine's Day in real life, follow the wiki trend of having your waifu or husbando during the period of those days. You could put her/his name in the comment but we like surprise, don't we. (Unless it is some serial killer who goes SURPRISE MOTHERF**KER and shoots the hell outta ya. )

My plans: Well my crush doesn't show any signs of liking me so I am buying my copy of Majora's Mask and playing all day, with the NEW 3DS. And save the world of Termina from the moon. At least something is being "crushed on" huh.

So follow the trend and have your waifu or husbando on those days! I mean, at least seeing the RNG Goddess as my profile will cheer me up on a lonely day.... (hint for the identidy of my waifu)


tongue emoticon