This is DeathZombi here, who just finished his first week of summer school in a new HIGH SCHOOL! No I am not taking summer school because I got sh***y grades in 8th grade. It's because in the fall, I am taking Accelerated classes, Biology and English. I have plain Geometry in the fall and freshmen don't take History (THANK GOD, JACKNINJA).  Summer school is so far great, except when people do the traditional coin flickers and people calling you and your posse "freshdweebs". I know that partly sucks. Hey but at least on Tuesdays and Thursday we play Super Smash Bros. Melee. That's fun. 

I ended 8th grade with some high grades. I was *INCHES* away from getting Honor Roll...>|( 

Ma Grades: 

English- (A-) with 91% (I read a lot of books, but the ones I like!)

Algebra- (C+) 78% *I used to be awesome at Math until it hooked up with the Algebra. What a w***e!

Chemistry and Physics (A-) 93% *Two guys walk into a bar. One says "I want some H20". The other guy said "I want some H20 too!" The second man died*

History (B+) 88% *Not all of History is about dead guys. Have you ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion? :P*

AVID (A-) 93% *Avid, an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a class that helps you prep for High School and College* 

Gym (B) 85% I may look unatheltic but I love Basketball, Hockey and Volleyball. And I am the fastest roller blader you will ever know. "Me racist? The only race I hate is the one you have to run in!" 

Exploratories (Art, Computers and Economics) Averaged a B+. I got A's in both Art and Computers but my suspension hit my Economics grade pretty hard and got a C+  

Music and Arts {FYI not the same as Art Class} (A-) 90%. *Playing the flute was mystical in this class*

So in Average my GPA was about a 3.5 GPA. Its a good score. I just wish I recovered fully so I could have got higher. My suspension tripped me up but I fought back.

So Middle School had it's ups and downs. 

Now its Time for High School Hell.

Now in High School everything counts. Even If I am a wee leetle Freshman I have some tips for future freshmen in this wiki and even the wikians who are in high school. You are never too old to use a new trick.


Always focus on your grades and your assignments. Don't even take your eyes off of it for a single second! If you make even A SINGLE screw up in grades, well GOOD LUCK CATCHING UP!!!

Stay away from the people that you don't feel uncomfortable with. People that look menacing. I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but sometimes, initial judgement is correct.

KIDS DO DRUGS! NO! Whatever you do in High School, you must never get involved with alcohol, drugs or any of those products! Those items ruin your life for good! Brain Cells can't regenerate. Drugs damage brain cells.

Make new friends even if it seems a bad idea. The more friends you have, you will have an easier time in High School.

Wear simple clothing that sets you apart in a good way. Not clothing that will poke fun at you but clothing you will feel comfortable with.

Well I am out of tips. If you have some for me, hit me. I can certainly use some. 

Now Summertime, I will be active a lot, more than ever. But I also have a life other than Wikia and gaming. I love doing outdoor activities and roller blading and such. But I have a problem arising around July 20th: I have a trip coming up to a foreign country and until I get to any computer at all, my day streak will break. And it is especially hard if you are close to the 200 day badge. Its like restarting your life pretty much. 

So High School shall erupt in front of my life. I wonder what adventures arise further. Let see and find out.

-DeathZombi, who is now a freshman