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Fan-art Special: Special Display

Its me, DeathZombi and It has been quite a while from my previous blog post, which was a Milestone. Anyways, for a lot of users, I will do a FanArt by hand from me. I was inspired by Princess Kitty's DevianArt Profiles of WM43, Lilgrei, Tails, Starfruity and IMCR8Z and I was like "Holy ****, THATS AMAZING!" So I will do some users a Profilication. This is a 4-per 1 drawing consisting of a: Portrait, Variation By Me, and 2 more variations that you can choose. So basically: The first one, the user I will draw will give details of how they want to be drawn (striped long sleeve, Dresses, Turtlenecks, etc.). This is specific for all body parts (except for -those parts-). Then for the 2nd part. It is my choice. For a certain user, I will choose a theme myself and i will draw the person like that theme. Hairstyles, Eye colors will stay the same. For example, I choose for myself: Chef de Cuisine. So I draw myself related to that topic. The last two is your choice. 

Now here are the users I will choose (If you want to be in it, ask for the next time I blog this)

  • MidnightHawk- (Portrait, My Variation: Dragon Soldier, Other 2, his choice)
  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls- (Portrait, My Variation: Adventure Time, Other 2, his choice)
  • PvZBeast234 (Portrait, My Variation: Sports Star, Other 2, his choice)
  • Wintermelon43 (Portrait, My Variation: Winter Wear, Other 2, his choice)
  • ProcastinatorMan (Portrait, My Variation: Luigi Cosplay, Other 2, his choice)
  • Milesprower2 (Portrait, My Variation: Tornado X Pilot, Other 2, his choice)
  • Starfruity (Portrait, My Variation: NinjaStar, Other 2, his choice)
  • WinterMagnet (Portrait, My Variation: Potato Mine DJ, Other 2, his choice)
  • PrincessKitty (Portrait, My Variation: Sparkles , Other 2, her choice)
  • Drek'TharSuperSword (Portrait, My Variation: Excalibur Honedge Display, Other 2 his choice)
  • Brainulator9 (Portrait, My Variation: Classical Gary, Other 2, his choice)
  • CoffeeCupProductions- (Portrait, My Variation: Starbucks, Other two His Choice)
  • MoonSnail (Portrait, My Variation: Nitro Dragon

I will message these users later for this fan-art special.

Now for the Portrait. This is under your control. Here are the editable parts

Eyes- Can be any color

Hair- Any color, can be long, short, bangs or sideswept

Clothing- Under your control

Shoes- Sneakers, Loafers, etc. 

Pants- Jeans, skirts, etc.

This is really under your control. You can even add necklaces or watches or anything of your choice.

For the two themes you choose, say the theme you want and i will do the rest.

Please get commenting for the clothes you want to wear and such. If you want to have a portrait, just ask. I will be messaging you guys.

When i start drawing, it will take about 6 weeks for all. I will post later In a blog.

Thanks, Y'all!

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